The Hunters Club TEAM wish to thank ALL OF our GREAT sponsors, Without WHOM THE SHOW COULD NOT EXIST

Hunting and Fishing New Zealand


The Hunters Club has gained the active participation and support of New Zealand’s most popular and renowned brand in the outdoor adventure category, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand.


As one of our valued sponsors, this unique retail network of 38 stores can readily provide the experience, gear and advice to our viewers so they can share our passion for amazing outdoor adventures.


Re Stag Timber


Red Stag Timber partnered with The Hunters Club back in 2014 to help lift the lid on this healthy Kiwi lifestyle outdoor sport and showcase our quality message to viewers, a large proportion of whom are builders or tradies.


"The cinematic approach taken with the production to showcase the jaw dropping natural beauty of our amazing back country matches our passion for producing precision timber to build the best homes possible. But most of all, the show is great fun to watch and be part of"

Red Stag Group CEO Marty Verry, himself a keen hunter and outdoorsman, has also joined the team on a number of occasions and features throughout the series.

Stoney Creek



Stoney Creek is a 100% NZ owned and operated company who offer a wide range of purpose-built technical hunting gear, designed specifically for each of our chosen hunting applications. 

They are a trusted brand with technical products that are designed, tried and tested in NZ’s harshest and most unpredictable climates.


Back Counry Cuisine


Back Country Cuisine specialises in a range of freeze-dried products, from meals to snacks and everything in between, to keep your energy levels up and hunger levels down!


We’ve made it our mission to produce fast nourishing food that’s lightweight, so a healthy delicious re-fuel while hunting is never a problem.



Putting in the hard yards and reaching areas deep within NZ's mountainous back country, the Hunters Club believe you need exceptional optics to be able to respectfully observe and hunt our animals. This is why we choose world class Leupold optics for excellent detail resolution, precise and durable optics for all our hunting expeditions.



Boots - LOWA

Quality matters, especially when it comes to your feet. For 90+ years, LOWA boots have hand fashioned what is considered to be some of the worlds finest outdoor boots. 


With the amount of time we spend in the hills it comes at no surprise we choose to partner with LOWA. With a range of boots to suit almost any climactic condition or terrain we know LOWA have us covered. LOWA has the quality, dependability and fit that will keep you on your feet so you can focus on the tasks at hand. When it comes to our boots it’s a no brainer for us here at The Hunters Club - ANDRE ALIPATE

Ammunition - FEDERAL

Having the support of Federal has allowed The Hunters Club to work with ammunition that does exactly what Federal say it does. In terms of centre fire offerings, Federal’s premium trophy bond, trophy copper and Fusion all kill exceptionally well. Excellent penetration, impressive expansion and superb accuracy from a factory round means that the reliability of ammo is not a consideration on the hill.

For those with fussy rifles, new offerings from Federal now include projectiles - which go hand in hand with Federal’s long time supply of top quality brass and primers. 

With respect to shotgun cartridges, Federal offer a wide range of devastating products that have proven extremely reliable. Some of the new products being used by the team for example the new Black Cloud which is simply lethal, never has a steel product performed so well - DAN CURLEY

Navigation - GARMIN

We put our trust in Garmin's extensive range of rugged, waterproof navigational products such as the Rino, Fenix & In-Reach to get us where we need to be and back safe again, and have made great use of the VIRB cameras throughout production of the series. Garmin gear is built to last and cutting edge, so it's no surprise that they're far and away the world's leading GPS provider - CAMERAMAN DAVE

Head Torches - LED LENSER 
LED Lenser is the world’s leading brand of technologically advanced, high quality torches and headlamps, providing maximum brightness and range in a lightweight package. Engineered in Germany and with a 5 year warranty, LED lenser helps us to conquer the darkness, and they're continually developing exciting new products that push the envelope even further.

Cookers - JET BOIL

There's nothing on the market that works faster to get a hot brew into you than a Jetboil, and we've been blown away by the performance and quality of the entire range since beginning using them in series 5. They're fantastic pieces of kit and made to last. - CAMERAMAN DAVE

Packs and Tents - TATONKA

Our partnership with Tatonka has enabled us to have complete faith in the gear we are using. A quality Tent and pack are an absolute necessity when spending any amount of time in the back country and we have certainly put these through their paces. These products have come up trumps on numerous occasions when mother nature was dishing out her absolute worst and knowing that you can trust in your gear is essential - SAM YULE


The world leader in powersports and off-road innovation have set us up with a top of the line Ranger and General to get us places that no other vehicle could hope to reach.


Custom made in the deep South by a team of passionate hunters and engineers, these tough, tough and built to last trailers are the perfect match for our Polaris.

Knives - GERBER

A sharp knife is a safe knife, and the Gerber gear that we've been using over the past few seasons filming the show has been exceptional in their sharpness and ability to hold an edge, even when we've been giving them death! We've also made good use of the multi tools, scrub cutters and axes, all of which have performed exceptionally well - TIM BARNETT


Enjoying the outdoor begins with your feet, and this does not stop with good boots.  Performance of your boots can only be as good as having the right socks. Thorlos offers a wide ranges of socks to suit the environment you will be in, engineered to deliver comfort and performance second to none - ANTO HALL

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