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Series 1 - available to watch TVNZ ON DEMAND

Nat, Rochele & Tim embark on a mission to the remote Wanganella Banks, an uprise located a full two days steam from New Zealand, with the lofty aim of claiming a couple of new world records. But if finding a 100kg + striped marlin sounds hard enough, stopping one is another matter altogether!

Episode 2 - COROMANDEL
The team assembles in the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in the North Island of New Zealand, where the plan is to head out for a couple of days to target all manner of tasty table fish. However, the local shark population seems intent on making life tricky, and landing a trophy snapper proves quite the challenge!

The team cross the Tasman sea to dive the rich waters of South Australia, hoping to encounter the gigantic schools of bluefin tuna that congregate at this time of year. Along with tuna, the lads get an introduction to the variety of other species on offer, all the whilst keeping an eye out for the numerous toothy critters that inhabit these Southern seas


The team head to Vava’u, the Northern most island chain of Tonga, for a week of open ocean bluewater spearfishing. The main target is giant dogtooth tuna, but as well as the trophy bluewater pelagics, they stalk the shallow water for tasty reef dwelling species.


Episode 5 - THE THREE KINGS Part 1
Tim, Nat, Dwane, Kieran & Rochele set sail for the northernmost point of New Zealand, 50 miles off the tip of the mainland - the remote and revered Three Kings Islands, home to world record kingfish, as well as a of feisty shark population!


Episode 6 - THE THREE KINGS Part 2

It's a new day at the Kings, and with Nat and Dwane having already bagged a couple of giant Kingfish, the pressure is on both Tim and Rochele to do likewise. Later in the day, whilst on route back to the mainland, the team have a couple of surprise encounters.

Series 2 - available to watch TVNZ ON DEMAND


The South Seas Spearo team to remote Waihau Bay on the East Cape with their brand new vessel in tow, embarking on a sea trial to end all sea trials – an offshore mission to the infamous Ranfurly Banks, followed by a run to White Island in search of Giant Kingfish.



It’s spearo’s vs hunters this week, as the South Seas Spearo team go head to head with a couple of hardcase pighunters in a race for a boar (or boarfish in their case), followed by an epic day out wide that proves that you don’t always have to put a spear into a fish in order to have a day you’ll never forget.



There’s a longstanding record that all serious New Zealand spearfisherman have been eyeing up for the past decade, so this week – Dwane, Jools and Sam decide to throw their hat in the ring, and head out from stunning Milford Sound on the search for the elusive and highly sought-after Southern Bluefin Tuna.


Episode 4 - SOUTH ISLAND ROADY Part 1

The team hit the road South, towing their big new boat all the way from it’s home base in the Far North of NZ to the stunning Marlborough Sounds, where they meet up with local lads Tim, Sam and Bryan and head out to spear Kingfish in the Cook Strait, freedive a sunken wreck, chase a carrot or two, and soak up all that this remarkable slice of New Zealand has to offer.


Episode 5 - SOUTH ISLAND ROADY Part 2

The roady continues this week, with the lads braving the milky but extremely productive waters off the Kaikoura coast. The team have a ‘whale’ of a time on the search for a wide variety of southern species, and in the process, bag themselves a new world record, before getting back on the road and punching all the way to the Otago Peninsula, where the sea conditions really put them to the test!


Episode 6 - SOUTH ISLAND ROADY Part 3

We wrap up the roady in style this week. After a dramatic encounter with a couple of feisty Dunedin locals, who seem intent on stealing the team’s catch, the danger really ramps up a notch down in Stewart Island, as the team swap spearing amongst Sea Lions, to spearing amongst Great White Sharks!


Episode 7 - A SHOT IN THE DARK

The team embark on a liveaboard trip into Dusky Sound, Fiordland, on a search for the elusive mainland Hapuku, a task that’s much easier said than done. If diving in 5 degree water in the middle of Winter wasn’t hard enough, try getting to the depths necessary to find a Groper, and did I mention it’s almost pitch black?


Episode 8 - FAR NORTH 20lb SNAPPER

With Summer fast approaching, we round out the series with a ‘how to’ guide to spearing one of New Zealand’s favourite species, the Snapper – a fish that’s relatively easily caught on rod and reel, but much more of a challenge to secure with a speargun.