As keen a hunter and fisherman as they come, Andre Alipate is based out of
Hamilton in the mighty Waikato. Handy to some of the best hunting the Bay of
Plenty and Central North Island has to offer and the unique species that call this part
of the country home.


Growing up in various parts of the Pacific and Australasia, hunting and fishing
has always been a way of life for the proud Tongan. After cutting his teeth
hunting red stag, tahr and chamois in the South Island for many years, the
move back to the North Island has taken Andre out of the tops and back into
the bush chasing sambar, sika, and more recently, rusa deer.

Andre specialises in more expedition back pack style hunting. He thrives on
the physical and mental challenges any hunting trip brings, especially when
the going gets tough, so he's no stranger to hard work in tough conditions.


Hunting is not always about the trophy or filling the freezer. Driven by
adventure, it's the journey, the wilderness and the people you do it with that
often make the most memorable trips for Andre. Whether it's with bow or rifle,
hunting for Andre epitomises the most basic of primal instincts and skill.

ANTO HALL - Queenstown

Anto was born into a proud hunting heritage, hunting and fishing with his
Father from an early age in the Nelson region.

Eventually, Anto spread his wings and targeted Lincoln University for study,
knowing that it also included a rich resource of hunting opportunities around
Canterbury, and met many like minded people including Dan Curley & Andre Alipate.

Anto's passion for the outdoors only grew while at university, spending more
time with his mates in mountains than reading books in class, but he managed to
achieve his goals in graduating Lincoln University giving him employment in the
spectacular Southern Lakes Region which he now calls home.

Anto spends most of his spare time in the mountains and valleys surrounding
his home town of Queenstown and is blessed to located within the heart of
some of the best hunting and fishing in the world, boasting access to stunning

rainbow and brown trout fishing and a wide variety of big game animals
including red, fallow and white tail deer, wapiti (elk), chamois, goats and
Himalayan tahr. On top of all this, Queenstown is just a stone throw away
from Southland - the duck hunting capital of NZ.

The mountains down south produce extreme environments where the weather
can change in a moment, putting a hunter through the most extreme challenges
possible. Anto relies on his inner strength gained from years of pushing back
against tough conditions to be successful in his pursuits. 

Hunting for Anto has become more than just a passion, it has become what
defines him, driven by the mystery of exploring the wilderness, never knowing
what is, or could be around the corner, it is the never ending journey that
keeps him going.


The pinnacle of hunting to Anto is exceeding one's own goals, pushing himself
beyond any barrier to achieve success, only then does he feel contentment
and satisfaction.



Dan Curley grew up bush hunting the hills of New Zealand’s North Island –
learning the trade in such areas as the Tararuas, Rimutakas, Kawekas and
the central plateau’s National Park.

After moving south some 13 years ago, it wasn’t long before the Southern
Alps and the superb alpine hunting opportunities if provides became a passion, with Dan
now insisting that nothing comes close to the experience or personal fulfilment
of free range big game hunting in New Zealand’s pristine back country.


Like many others passionate about the sport, Dan became a little frustrated at
the style and effort put into documenting big game hunting in New Zealand,
and after spending a couple of weekends introducing Dave Shaw to the sport
of tahr hunting and fly fishing, they decided it was worth combining their skills
in an attempt to set a new standard of production.

 “Both of us face an equal challenge trying to capture quality footage and
represent a free range hunt. When hunting, the hunter personally absorbs
every part of the experience, but capturing enough quality footage to be able
to re-show that experience is challenging. I’m learning to set my expectations
around our practical abilities, and Dave is learning that unlike scripted
productions, wild game don’t always play ball when a camera’s in hand”


Growing up in the Nelson region, Tim developed an early love of hunting,
fostered by his father and grandfather, both of whom were avid pig hunters.


Tim works as a commercial diver harvesting paua, kina, and crayfish. Through
this work Tim has developed a passion for spearfishing, often described as
underwater hunting. During his OE, Tim even found space for his spearfishing
gear and had many adventures abroad.

He has hunted extensively throughout the South, Stewart and Chatham
Islands, targeting white tail, red deer, tahr, chamois, pigs, wild bulls, wild
ram, and fallow deer.

More recently Tim has returned home to Nelson and once again formed a
pack of young pig dogs. He has also taken up the bow and enjoys the
challenge of stalking in close.

Tim has always enjoyed introducing friends to his style of hunting and our
back country, and is looking forward to showcasing the different methods of
hunting and wild places we are lucky to have in NZ.


SAM YULE - Dunedin

Growing up in heartland South Otago meant Sam was introduced to small game

hunting at an early age.

A move to Dunedin in his early teenage years, saw him chasing goats and the
odd deer on mates farms. However, it wasn’t until a move to Wanaka to
pursue a building apprenticeship that the desire to hunt was really let out of
the cage.

Sam quickly developed a craving for the big country and spent most
weekends with pack on back and rifle in hand.

Whilst he enjoys the companionship of hunting with a mate, he equally
relishes in the challenges and solitude which come from solo missions.
Hunting for Sam is more about getting out on the hill and out of cellphone
coverage than it is about securing an animal.

Sam prides himself on having high standards when it comes to trophies and
often reaches for the camera rather than the rifle, however when the freezer
needs filling he’s more than obliging.


A recent move back to Dunedin sees Sam hitting the handy
mountains at Beaumont regularly. It was here that he found great enjoyment in bush
stalking and quickly adapted to the different hunting style and was rewarded
with success often.

Sam, now a proud father, finds that hunting trips need to be a lot less
spontaneous than in previous years. However, with an extremely
understanding better half, he still finds ample time to pursue his passion and
considers himself very fortunate to call the South Island home


DAVE SHAW - Kerikeri

Dave Shaw has over 15 years of experience in TV production gained from
both home and abroad. Prior to starting up The Hunters Club, Dave was the
lead camera operator and head of post production on the ITM Fishing Show.

It was through the show that Dave crossed paths with Dan, and from there they decided

that it was high time someone set out to show the general public exactly what
makes hunting in New Zealand so very special.